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Delve into Edinburgh's rich heritage with our private walking tours. Enjoy tailored routes, local guides, and exclusive city insights.

Join us for a private tour of Edinburgh, the most fascinating city of Scotland!

We offer a range of private walking tours around Scotland’s capital, which are fully customisable and can be tailored to your interests.

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Our private walking tours of Edinburgh are perfect for first timers and returning visitors. 

Whether you’d like to see Edinburgh’s main highlights, explore Edinburgh Castle, find out what life was like in a Georgian house, or avoid touristy spots by discovering Edinburgh’s hidden gems, we can organise the perfect route for you.

The perfect walking tours for your family

If you are travelling with children and looking for things to do with kids in Edinburgh, look no further! Our Edinburgh Family Tour is designed to engage the whole family and provide everyone with a fun experience.

During our walking tours in Edinburgh, we will share with you tips and ideas for things to do in Edinburgh in your own time, so you can keep exploring the city after your guided tour.

From a 2 hour tour to a half-day experience

Our Edinburgh guided tours last 2 hours. They can, however, be extended to 3 or 4 hours if you wish to spend more time visiting Edinburgh with your tour guide and soaking up the atmosphere of the city. Extending the tour will also give you the opportunity to add a visit to a historical site, such as the National Museum of Scotland or the Palace of Holyrood House, among others, or to enjoy a surprising experience such as a visit to a distillery.

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This private guided tour is the perfect introduction to Edinburgh. As we wander its cobbled streets, explore its narrow lanes, and admire its historical landmarks, we will discover how the city developed throughout the centuries, from a medieval burgh to the modern city we know today.

Diving deep in Edinburgh’s history

Strolling around the Old Town, we will travel back in time and look at key moments that shaped the history of the city, and we’ll introduce some of the main royal and religious characters, including Mary Queen of Scots, James VI, Bonnie Prince Charlie, and the Protestant minister John Knox. We will admire historical buildings and monuments such as Edinburgh Castle**, the National Museum of Scotland, the Palace of Holyrood House**, the Scottish Parliament*, the Writers Museum, St. Giles Cathedral, the Mercat Cross and the Walter Scott Monument*.

As we walk along the Royal Mile, we will explore some of the characteristic closes and wynds, which will serve as the backdrop to recall the stories of murderers, ghosts and witches. We will discuss what life was like in early modern times, and trace the origins of whisky, kilts, tartan and bagpipes in Scottish history and culture. On our way, we will stop in Greyfriars graveyard, and pay a visit to Bobby the dog.

Books, TV shows and movies in Edinburgh

We’ll wander around the cafes and picturesque streets believed to have provided inspiration to JK Rowling for the Harry Potter book series. We’ll also include in our visit some of the spots that featured in recent movies and TV series, such as Outlander. We will also turn our attention to the many festivals that the city hosts, including the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Duration: 2 hours. It is possible to extend this tour to 3 or 4 hours.

*only in the 3 or 4 hour tour

**Please note that this walking tour does not include admission to the buildings. If you’d like to add a visit to Edinburgh Castle or any other site to our tour, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to organise this for you. The tour is fully customisable.

In this tour, we will explore Edinburgh’s New Town, built in the second half of the 18th century and today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known as ‘the Athens of the North’, the New Town features open spaces, large squares, and elegant buildings, which contrast with the medieval, dark, and crowded streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town.

The history of Edinburgh through its buildings and characters

Wandering along its broad streets, we will learn about neoclassical architecture and see impressive buildings such as the Dome on George Street, St. Andrews Square’s Palladian style mansion, Georgian House, and Bute House -known for being the residence of Scotland’s First Minister- in Charlotte Square. We will also pause in front of Jenners, the Balmoral hotel, the National Portrait Gallery, and the newly built St. James Quarter, to see how past and present buildings merge together to create a vibrant landscape.

We will see that Edinburgh was home to some of the great minds of the Enlightenment, including the inventor James Watt, architects Robert Adam and James Craig, writers and philosophers such as David Hume, Adam Smith, and Arthur Conan Doyle. We will soak up the atmosphere of the city by walking through the Princes Street Gardens (voted the most beautiful park in the UK outside London) dotted with historical landmarks such as the Sir Walter Scott Monument and the Ross Fountain.

Dean Village: a travel to medieval times

Leaving the New Town behind us, we will enter the picturesque Dean Village, one of Edinburgh’s most charming areas and a green oasis of peace. The cobbled streets, stone bridges, and traditional houses will take visitors back to a medieval past when bakers and weavers lived and worked in the Dean Village. We will see the old granary, learn about the hydro-powered mills that once stood along the Water of Leith, visit the Victorian social housing funded by a local philanthropist, and the neoclassical St. Bernard’s Well, whose spring water was once believed to have healing powers.

Duration: 2 hours. It is possible to extend this tour to 3 or 4 hours.


* Please note that this walking tour does not include admission to the buildings. If you’d like to add a visit to Edinburgh Castle or any other site to our tour, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to organise this for you. The tour is fully customisable.

If you are tight for time or only stopping in Edinburgh for a day, this tour got you covered! Walkable and easy to navigate, Edinburgh is the perfect size to be discovered in one day. From the cobbled streets and medieval buildings of the Old Town to the refined Georgian houses of the New Town, this full-day walking tour of Edinburgh will introduce you to the history, culture, main sites, and hidden gems of Scotland’s capital. 

Morning programme

Our tour will start from Edinburgh Castle, the perfect spot to introduce the city and start a journey to its medieval past. We will see how the city emerged and explore its most important streets, lanes, and squares. We will walk down the famous Royal Mile, learn about its buildings and monuments such as St. Giles Cathedral and the Mercat Cross. The colourful Victoria Street will lead us to Grassmarket, once the place of public hangings. We will recall stories about ghosts, witches, and murder as we stroll through Greyfriars graveyard and along the closes of the Royal Mile.

Afternoon programme

After lunch**, we will head north towards Calton Hill. From here, we will appreciate the breathtaking views over the city and explain how the city developed in the 18th century. A fine example of urban planning in the Enlightenment, the New Town is characterised by broad roads, large squares, and well-kept green spaces, such as the popular Princes Street Gardens. As we walk around the New Town, we will discuss Georgian architecture, introduce illustrious residents such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Adam, and David Hume.
We will end the tour in the Dean Village, a green oasis of peace located only 10 minutes walking from the busy city centre, along the Water of Leith. Once an industrial hub which consisted of a tannery, a bakery, a distillery, and eleven hydro-powered mills, the Dean Village is today a popular residential area which has retained the features of a village.

 What we will see in this tour*:

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Royal Mile
  • Victoria Street
  • Grassmarket
  • Greyfriars graveyard
  • The National Museum of Scotland
  • St. Giles Cathedral
  • The Mercat Cross
  • Examples of closes and wynds
  • Princes St Gardens
  • The Walter Scott Monument
  • The Balmoral Hotel
  • Calton Hill
  • The New Town – including St. Andrews Square and Charlotte Square
  • The National Portrait Gallery
  • The Dome on George Street
  • Georgian House
  • The Dean Village

Duration: 7 hours

*Please note that this walking tour does not include admission to the buildings. If you’d like to add a visit to Edinburgh Castle or any other site to our tour, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to organise this for you. This tour is fully customisable.

**We would also be happy to arrange lunch for you and your guide, and add a food experience to your day! Get in touch to discuss the available options.


Discover Edinburgh castle with us at Clan Pascual Tours! Learn about the history of the castle and hear about its bloody battles and legends.

From the Royal Mile, we will reach the top of Castle Rock, an extinct volcano, on top of which Edinburgh Castle is located. Standing on the Castle Esplanade, where the Royal Military Tattoo is staged every August as part of the Edinburgh International Festival, you will get the chance to appreciate the stunning views over the Old Town and New Town, and this stunning location will give us the opportunity to introduce the castle’s history across the centuries.

Guided visit inside Edinburgh Castle

Once inside Edinburgh Castle, we will walk along its cobbled promenade and discover the key features of the fortress, including St. Margaret Chapel, the oldest building in the city, the architecturally impressive Great Hall, and the Royal Palace. Here is where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to James VI, who became the first monarch of both Scotland and England in 1603. In the Crown Room, we will admire the Honours of Scotland, the oldest jewels in Britain, and learn about the fascinating history of the Stone of Destiny.

As we recall battles and sieges spanning from medieval times to the Jacobite rising, we will enter the Vaults where prisoners of war were held, and see the fortified gates, towers and batteries once used to defend the castle. Among the cannons on display, you will easily spot the Mons Meg, the biggest cannon in the castle! Depending on the time of the tour, we may also be able to hear the One o’Clock Gun, which fires every day at 1 p.m. (except on Sundays, Easter Day and Christmas day), and that has been used as a time signal since the 19th century. Last but not least, we will visit the Dog Cemetery, where soldiers’ pets and canine companions have been buried since the 1840s.

* This private walking tour includes admission to Edinburgh Castle and you will save time by skipping the ticket line with your guide.  Edinburgh Castle private tour is fully customisable, please get in touch with us if you’d like to prolong the tour by adding a visit to Edinburgh’s Old Town.


Designed to engage children and adults alike, this is an ideal tour for the whole family to enjoy!

This private family tour will introduce you to the history of Edinburgh and its main landmarks. As we stroll around Edinburgh’s Old Town, we will travel back in time and learn about kings, queens, battles, writers, and major historical events. We will walk along the most picturesque streets and squares of the city, visit spooky graveyards, national museums, and introduce the fascinating history of Edinburgh Castle.

Younger kids (age 4-12) will be handed a travel booklet to carry along the tour, which will keep them engaged with a range of interactive activities. Through games, quizzes, and hunts they’ll learn about the history of the city and its architecture, meet Greyfriars Bobby the dog, hear about the mythical creatures of Scottish folklore (yes, including the Loch Ness monster…), and discover the magic world of Harry Potter. The fun does not stop there! The booklet will be theirs to keep, so they can carry on using it during their holiday and learn more about Edinburgh’s past and present.

If you feel like taking a short break during the tour, you’ll have  the opportunity to stop for a snack – a perfect occasion  to give you lots of tips such as where to grab something to eat after the tour. We will also share ideas about family-friendly activities you can do during your stay, such as the Camera Obscura, the Mary King’s Close, the Botanic Garden, and a yummy chocolate experience.

The tour will be private and we can personalise it for you. Feel free to provide us with information about your kids’ hobbies and interests, so we can match you with the most suitable guide

Duration: 2 hours


* Please note that this walking tour does not include admission to the buildings. If you’d like to add a visit to Edinburgh Castle or any other site to our tour, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to organise this for you. The tour is fully customisable.


Is Edinburgh haunted? Who were the resurrectionists? Why were witches persecuted? Find out about ghosts, witches, mysterious murders, and discover Edinburgh’s dark side with our private walking tour.

We will visit sites that are associated with ghosts, and hear the stories of the most notable ones. In the Grassmarket, we will learn about Major Thomas Weir; in Greyfriars Kirkyard, we will see the haunted mausoleum of George Mackenzie and find out about body snatchers and grave robbing; on the Royal Mile, we’ll stand on the site of a former city prison; and, on our way to Edinburgh Castle, we’ll point out the spotswhere executions once took place.

We will talk about witchcraft in the 16th and 17th centuries, and discover what witches were normally accused of and persecuted for. We will recall the stories of famous witches and trials, and visit to the National Museum of Scotland* to look at a range of objects and artifacts connected to witch hunting, including torture devices and charmstones. On the Castle Esplanade, we will stop at the Witches Well, a drinking fountain erected as a memorial to those who died there.

Exploring the dark closes of the Royal Mile, walking through spooky graveyards, and hearing spine-chilling stories linked to Edinburgh’s history, you will get a deeper understanding of the role ghosts and witches played in Scottish culture. If you are lucky, you may even see a ghost along the way.


*Our Edinburgh Ghost and Witches Tour can take place during the day or in the evening. If you wish to visit the National Museum of Scotland as part of the tour, please note that the museum closes at 5 p.m. Admission to the National Museum of Scotland is free.


Edinburgh customised private tour

Looking for something different? Whether it is a combination of our tours, a specific site you’d like to visit, or an experience you do not want to miss, get in touch with us! Let us know what you are after and we’ll design a customised tour for you around Scotland’s capital.

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